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Manage orders. Track inventory. Handle GST billing. Oversee warehouses. One inventory management software to run all your inventory operations.

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Introducing Zoho Inventory! an online inventory management software that helps you manage online and offline orders and keep track of stock levels across multiple channels. 

This significantly reduces the troubles you face with multi-channel selling. Zoho Inventory integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, so your items, contacts and sales orders in these channels are imported automatically. For instance, when a purchase is made in one channel, the stock levels are automatically updated in all channels.

Why Choose Zoho Inventory. What makes Zoho Inventory GST Compliant

  • Save GSTINs
    Keep a central record of the GSTIN for the registered businesses and save time from manually entering it every time.

  • Add HSN or SAC codes

    You can add your HSN or SAC code for the items you sell or service you offer and stay compliant with the GST norms.

    Generate GST-compliant invoices

  • Create invoices which will help you to get paid on time and also be ready for the GST requirements.

  • Automate tax calculation
    When you prepare a sales order, the CGST, IGST or SGST rates get calculated automatically, saving you time and manual calculations.

  • Create e-Way bills
    You can create an e-Way bill with all the information about the transport company while you create an invoice.

Manage and fulfill orders on the go

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